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About Me

Hey lovelies, I'm Lisa, the sole owner and operator of LC Beauty.


Ever since I can remember - I've had a huge passion for art; and as I grew older, I found the new love of all things beauty related. Starting LC Beauty enabled me to combine both of these loves and allows me the opportunity to showcase my talents, plus meet some amazing people along the way!

I started study back in 2013, beginning with beauty therapy, and since then have completed numerous certifications in beauty, makeup, nail technology, lash extensions and lash lifts - and more! 

This profession is honestly like no other - the opportunities and experiences I've been given, are astronomical! From photoshoots, to working makeup backstage at NZFW, no two days are the same - I truely am blessed!

Over the years, I have transformed the extremely unpleasant looking sleep-out in my backyard into my 


perfect little dream, 'at home' based salon! I absolutely love my line of work, the passion and creativity are there, and to be able to combine the two is just the perfect match for me; being able to work from home and around my children's schedules is the real bonus though! 


I have a very high standard of work (some would say I'm close to being a perfectionist) and I pride myself on this. I have a great eye for detail, and when it comes to nails, makeup, lashes or brows - it's all in the details! Not only do I pride myself on my high level of work, I'm sure to provide the best laughs and banter along the way!

Feel free to get in touch with me if you have any queries, or if you would like to make a booking. 

- Lisa :)

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